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We’ve seen the powerful impact this film can have in community settings. School districts have brought parents, kids, and teachers together to talk about their hopes and dreams for the future and build stronger more positive relationships. Teachers have used the film in the classroom to help students open their eyes to the world and develop greater compassion and empathy. NGOs and the US government have been inspired by the way the film highlights the lasting impact sustainable development can have. Audiences at churches, synogogues and mosques believe in its message of shared humanity.

The WHAT TOMORROW BRINGS team provides promotional materials, educational guides, and personal appearances so it’s easy to set up a screening, and ensure the most meaningful impact possible from your event.

There are two versions of the film available for screening:

Feature-length documentary (77min)
PBS POV broadcast film (52-min)

Appropriate for adults and kids (keep in mind that much of the film is subtitled)