About the Campaign

Our goal is to IMPACT WHAT TOMORROW BRINGS for our world’s daughters – 60 million of whom are being denied an education today. 

We’ve already taken one big step:  Before Razia’s school celebrated its first graduation, the seniors came to her and asked, “Can you build us a college?”  Her answer: “How can you say, no?”  She couldn’t.  And neither could we. Together, we launched the Build A School Today campaign and raised the funds to build The Razia Jan Institute. It is the first, free, private college for women in rural Afghanistan. Now, we have even bigger plans to IMPACT WHAT TOMORROW BRINGS.

Aziza, a senior, speaks publicly in front of men for the first time in her life at the groundbreaking ceremony for the Razia Jan Institute

Through an education and awareness campaign with partners in the media, non-profit organizations, schools and universities, we are launching a screening series, supporting universal girls’ education, and setting out to strengthen policies that ensure quality education for all girls.

There is a reason girls’ education is the highest return investment available in the developing world.  Because when a girl goes to school, WHAT TOMORROW BRINGS is a better life for her and everyone around her.